Promoting Quality Linen
Service Management

Our thriving professional association was founded in 1951 bringing laundry managers together. We are specialists in linen services to healthcare and can offer sound practical advice on the many aspects of linen service management and the textiles industry.



Bringing industry experts together

Nearly seventy years later and our Society is a thriving, professional association, which has gained the respect of all those associated with the laundry / linen services / textile industry.

Links have been developed with organisations such as HEFMA, TSA major chemical, textile and machinery suppliers and the Society is frequently invited to comment on legislation through the Department of Health.

Helping the NHS

Promoting clean linen services to help the NHS stop the spread of Hospital Aquired Infections.

Discuss industry topics with experienced managers using our forums and gain practical knowledge and advice on the many aspects of linen service management.

As a member of the Society you will have access to a network of managers with a wealth of experience within the laundry industry.

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Join our industry experts and become part of our great society.