About Us

The aim of The Society of Hospital Linen Services and Laundry Managers is to be a leader in promoting state of the art provision of healthcare linen services and laundry through sharing knowledge and providing education for members so they can be competent in managing linen services and processing textiles.

The objectives of the Society are:

0ver 70 Years
Stronger Together


The Arms

The laws of heraldry prevent any but the rightful owner using the coat of arms. When the society was formed in 1951,a simple “device” was chosen consisting of a cross, bearing in the centre of the cross, the initials of the Society “S.H.l.M.” and the whole encircled with a red band carrying the full name of the Society.

In 1970 / 1971 additional changes were made which included a cogged wheel of industry, the whole encircled within a Garter, Gules, buckled and bearing the title “Society of Hospital Linen Services and Laundry Managers”. The black and white, divided by wavy blue and white lines, this being the traditional heraldic symbol representing water. Thus the symbolism is black to white through water, or, dirty to clean through water. The cog wheel is added to symbolise industrial machinery and the whole quite simply depicts the laundering process. The inclusion of the former “badge” is to retain sight and memory of of an earlier phase in the history of the Society. Containing the whole within a garter is a tidy and also traditional way of depiction without encroaching too far into heraldry without proper authority.



Meet the Team


Ron McLean

National Suppliers Representative

Ron has been in the Laundry- NHS industry for 43 years. Ron Joined Wader Labelling Ltd in 1978 as a salesman and was appointed a director some years  later. Then in 2014 he joined MIP where his main role was looking after sales to NHS and commercial laundries. Ron then moved to James Walker Textiles in 2020 where he currently looks after sales for NHS and commercial laundries across the UK.


Ross Weir

Membership Secretary

Ross Weir (BA Hons) is the Managing Director of world renowned commercial and industrial laundry machine manufacturer H J Weir Engineering based in Chepstow, South Wales.  Ross has been employed in this family business under the guidance of both his late grandfather and father since leaving university and now successfully heads a workforce of long serving skilled shop floor and administration staff.

Throughout his career Ross has worked enthusiastically with his team in achieving numerous industry awards, ISO accreditations and prestigious tender contracts with organisations such as the NHS in the UK.

Ross enjoys a challenge and is passionate about strengthening British manufacturing’s place in the worldwide marketplace, using components/materials manufactured in the UK and has a strong ethos in respect of the UK’s environmental future.

When not flying the flag for H J Weir, Ross spends his leisure time flying the flag in the world of rallying as a co-driver for which he has achieved numerous acclamations both on the UK circuit and in the Caribbean.


Steve Anderton

National Treasurer

Steve began his laundry career as a trainee manager for Lakeland Pennine Group PLC at which time he attended Derby University achieving a HND in Textile Care. He went on to manage hospitality and workwear laundries.

He was recruited by JLA in 1992 where he became an expert in OPL and healthcare laundering. During his time at JLA he was responsible for internal and external training, managing laundries for the British Army and in industry . At JLA he was fundamentally involved in the development of the OTEX ozone disinfection system.

He joined LTC, the leading laundry and textile consultants, in 2007 where he quickly rose to the position of Managing Director.


Tim Meadows

National Secretary

Tim has now worked within the healthcare textile industry for nearly 30 years, being recruited by Interweave in June 1998 and moving to “Gods Own County”, shortly before the company became part of the John Horsfall group in Oct 1999. He is the Senior Manager responsible for the daily running of the office and is the main contact for the internal sales aspects of the business. Dealing with customer services, contracts, tenders, ISO and LSAS issues and supply chain management, whilst sourcing, purchasing and developing products on a global basis in conjunction with the Sales Manager.


Dave Grimshaw

National Chairman

David attained a high level of university education before starting a career in hospitality being a hotel manager before a total switch in direction and began working in laundries in 1995, moving up the ladder Dave eventually moved to Salisbury in 2008 to work in the hospital laundry there as the assistant manager and became the General manager of Salisbury Linen services at the formation of the company in 2013, a post still held today, as well as being the Chairman of the society.